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   Gree-Tour of Guangxi    

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Cycling is exciting and fun to watch. We think so too! To enhance the experience even further, we designed some free cyclingcompetitions for you to enjoy. Many who know us have expressed their increased addiction to cycling after joining one of our online cycling games. So, have a go, give it a shot! At worst, you'll start appreciating professional cycling even more than you already do. Who knows, you might even be good at predicting the outcome of stages and get eternal glory afterwards!

Happy cycling!

Main Competition WorldTourcompetitie 2020
To start off in this Main Team Competition you can design your own cyclesquad. Your squad, called “Main Team”, will consist of 30 riders. 25 Out of these 30 riders will represent your squad during the WorldTourcompetitie 2020. You can freely choose riders from any participating team, no restrictions. After the deadline and screening of the teams, your selection of 25 riders will be your “Raceteam”. Every stage you’ll be able to select a maximum of 15 riders from your Raceteam into your “Startlist” for the race.

Stage Competition WorldTourcompetitie 2020
The Stage competition enables you to design a squad of 12 cyclists for every stage in the WorldTourcompetitie 2020. You can compose your dayteam till 15 minutes before the actual start of the stage. Based on your stage ranking you will receive point for the general classification